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. Maslow’s Theory centers on the observation that we have an intrinsic drive to grow and to develop our potential. Step 2 of 2: support progression towards a desired potential.
Progression Toward Actualization: Facebook’s social media products create networks whereby friends, family and acquaintances regularly actualize (recognize) each others potential and accomplishments at shockingly high rates which . unleashing powerful brain chemistry that reinforces continued use of the products leading to having over 2.3 billion users!
Facebook v5’s community focus: “We all need a place where we feel like we belong, where we can express all the richness that makes us who we are with the right set of people” – Fidji Simo
Facebook Dating & Secret Crush features unleashes progression toward ultimate fulfillment via an intimate matched relationship. Drive engagement by building-in progression, real or virtual, including: support for goal achievement; ratings that reflect strengthening skills, accumulating expertise and certifications; advancement of status or career; building networks or relationships, etc.!. Truth #5 – Engagement: Supporting Progression in your Products! . Engagement  =  ΣD-Needs Fulfillment  X  Progression Toward Actualization. Click slide to see in context of slide deck
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