Motivational pattern for all Creative Management Truth #4 – Abstract Pattern of Creative Attractors. The generalized, abstract pattern for Creative Attractors is as follows:
Creative Attractor = Unmet Need + Belief in Possibility + Opportunity + Shared Anticipation
Where the meaning of the properties of the pattern are as follows:
Need – a thing that needs to be created, something that’s missing from life
Belief – belief it can be created, that the idea is possible, even viable
Opportunity – a career opportunity to create that thing, a chance to do it
Anticipation – shared anticipation of the better, envisioned future
The concrete implementation of the pattern varies slightly according to the creative discipline doing the work and the form of their medium.
Creative workers in software use bits and algorithms; whereas, creative workers in movies use film and stories.  Yet the pattern of a Creative Attractor holds true. ©2018 iiSM.ORG, All Rights Reserved. Click slide to see in context of slide deck
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