The enormous effect that Relevance has on productive behavior Truth #2 – Theory of Relevance Implications. Status Meetings can often waste wads of time attempting to teach context to meeting ‘leaders’ who have little-to-no aptitude for the domain, for example…
Hoarding Knowledge atrophies shared context and can break trust, it erodes the team’s effectiveness and relevance, as others shrink, the hoarder becomes more ‘powerful’ 
Sharing Knowledge builds shared context, amplifies learning and increases Relevance – Principle #2, Amplified Learning in Lean Software Development
Aptitude is Innate, only management options here are hire, fire, reassign or transfer
Move staff with low aptitude to less critical work or to a job for which they have aptitude
Expose staff with high aptitude to more contexts in order to expand career options
Day-to-Day, focus on the strength-of-connection variables that can be more effectively controlled: trust and visibility to change – increased transparency to change and learning improves team’s shared context and effectiveness!. Implications of:	Relevance = (Context + (∆ Change * Connectedness)) * Aptitude . ©2018 iiSM.ORG, All Rights Reserved. Click slide to see in context of slide deck
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