High level overview of an Adoption Pipeline Adoption Pipeline – Three Implementation Activities. At least three kinds of Implementation Activities scale software adoption:
Packaging – solution design, creation of sales and delivery enablement materials
Socialization – marketing and sales of the change (products/services increment)
Delivery – installation, delivery of the change and/or DevOps
These three activities are coupled together to form a logistically favorable connection to a Developed Customer base forming an Adoption Pipeline
Churn from Change Engine must be coupled to at least 1 Adoption Pipeline
Uncharacterized churn from the Change Engine will eventually be rejected by the Adoption Pipeline, it’s just a matter of time (defects per 1000 LOC)
Good churn that is not packaged or priced correctly will fail to gain Traction
Un-socialized churn from the Change Engine will be orphaned/not adopted 
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