Four evolving theories that are critical to successful conception Shared Conception – How Successful Conception Works. Fulfillment = <Market Need> + <Solution> + <Adoption> + <Monetization>. The goal of conception is the pre-envisionment of fulfilling a market need.  In other words, “What would a solution to the market need look like, feel like, be like?”  Secondarily, but equally import is, “how do we best spread the solution to the all users in all markets, and how are going to derive pay for all of this work?”
Shared Conception is when all actors participate in discovering, evolving and re-communicating four theories concurrently until the desired solution is conceived:
Market Theory – understanding of shared needs that describe a targeted market segment or a series of related market segments
Solution Theory – understanding of a viable embodiment of value that meaningfully meets the needs of the targeted market segment
Adoption Theory – understanding of a means for spreadingour innovation through the targeted market segment(s)
Monetization Theory – understanding of how to best monetize the work,placing financial incentives in all the right places so that everyone involved wins
Shared Conception is evolved and acted on by: management, staff and customers
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