Case study of flawed conception due to abusing MVP Pattern (slide 1 of 2) How conceptional works – Enlightened MVP Case. Here’s how the team-based, switched-on, version of conception typically works: 
We have a low grade hypothesis regarding what the market needs – let’s generously call this a pile of understanding a “Theory of Market”;
We then think-up a solution that sort-of meets some portion of our low grade understanding of the market need that can be made by deftly modifying and reusing existing stuff – let’s call this Frankenstein-ian MVP envisionment a “Theory of Solution!”
Depending on how cash rich our company is, we might feel the need to get paid for creating said monster; let’s call this overly optimistic notion a “Theory of Monetization”
The Team decides to make the thing having gotten some sort of funding approval – you saw the boss grunt, I know I did; and, we’re off to the creation wedge. Yay team, go team!. Then, team sort-of shifts to doing a series of Creation Strokes (think sprints), having periodic correction points at timeboxed intervals (think sprint reviews).
Also, some teams attempt to guess at what they are doing at the beginning of the sprint – we usually call this sprint planning or a waste, depending on the team. (no, I’m not picking a side here =p). Click slide to see in context of slide deck
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