Superior engagement is a function of reliably meeting D-Needs X Progression Toward Actualization Truth #5 – The Theory of Engagement Explained. ©2018 iiSM.ORG, All Rights Reserved. 
. Theory of Engagement states that customer/staff engagement is a function of: 
Fulfilling Maslow’s Hierarchy of reoccurring “D-Needs” – these are deficiency needs intrinsic to humans that must be periodically fulfilled (i.e. sleep, food, love, esteem, etc.)
Multiplied by meaningful progression toward actualization – the reaching of a desired potential and the recognition that comes from achieving that potential.
In other words, predictable fulfillment of intrinsic needs is the basic, reliable driver for all engagement; but, augmenting D-Need fulfillment with progression toward desired actualization results in greater levels of reoccurring engagement!
Engagement  =  ΣD-Needs Fulfillment  X  Progression Toward Actualization
This dynamic is most apparent in online gaming platforms like World of Warcraft where the D-Need of Boredom is fulfilled by virtual reality world that meets both social needs and entertainment needs while also affording the opportunity to progress toward a variety of epic achievements: battle gear, mounts, gear as a costume, role playing, arena ratings, level progression, and raid progression! . Click slide to see in context of slide deck
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