Comparison of Creative vs Implementation Motivation Systems Truth #4 – Implementation vs. Creation Belief Motivation. Implementation Management has a tendency of emphasizing commitment and accountability when managing creative work; the approach stems from how Belief works in manufacturing.
Motivation For Implementation Work (Known Task + Known Opportunity + Known Bonus):
Shared Belief: we can deliver ‘n’ units by date certain based on a production plan using known means that meets the Need (aka. Demand).  The commitment is to the delivery date.  The shared incentive is a bonus for management and team actors for delivery prior to date.
Motivation For Creative Work (Uncertain Task + Believable Opportunity to Create + Uncertain Anticipation):
Shared Belief: we think we can create a cool solution by adapting, discovering and iterating that meets the Need.  The commitment is to discovering and creating a solution that actually meets the need.  The shared incentive is Anticipation of epic solution that meets the need and more Opportunities to create even more epic stuff that changes the world!!! 
Classic PMO perspective: we made a commitment; we have milestones; we are being paid to hit the release date!  Let’s suck-it-up and do the job we are being paid to do, hit the date.  
Creative Staff perspective: but, do we have a solution?!  Let us discover the solution first!. ©2018 iiSM.ORG, All Rights Reserved. Click slide to see in context of slide deck
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