Theory of Relevance equation variables and why they matter Truth #2 – The Equation of Relevance . Aptitude is a coefficient of ability (0.0 to 1.0) for the given problem domain.An example of aptitude would be the ability to break-down a big picture problem into a series of software components that comprise a highly desirable solution.
Aptitude is the strongest predicter of Relevance.  Without Aptitude, a leader cannot form a valid context model from which to infer- or communicate- insights.
Context is a nested cognitive working model that facilitates the decoding of information.  The better the multi-layered model, the more relevant the increment of thought and the more accurate the subsequent communication of said thought. 
∆ Change is a fluctuating stream of change in the team, solution, & market contexts
Connectedness is a coefficient that models strength-of-connection factors:
Transparency – Visibility to Change, and the ramifications of change
Trust – Trust of Change Engine; or conversely, Trust of Management
Leaders with Aptitude connected to a Change Engine, an Adoption Pipeline and a Market Opportunity are Relevant over time!
. Equation of:	Relevance = (Context + (∆ Change * Connectedness)) * Aptitude . ©2018 iiSM.ORG, All Rights Reserved. Click slide to see in context of slide deck
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