The Evolution to Continuous Value Discovery Truth #1 – the Evolution to Continuous Discovery. Discovery of Logical Breaks:
Compliers and Linkers – Compiler Errors and Warnings
Borland’s Integrated Development Environments with built-in Debuggers
Continuous Build Machines with Build Validation Tests
Discovery of Functional Breaks:
Automated Unit testing
Kent Beck’s Test-Driven Development
Chrysler's Continuous Integration
NETFLIX’s Chaos Testing 
Discovery of Traction and Value Breaks:
Eric Ries’ MVP and                 Venture’s Design Sprint
                ’s Customer Obsession and Metrics Culture
Facebook  ’s Move Fast Motto, Form of Continuous Discovery . Discovery has evolved on a continuum from Logical Break Discovery to Value Break Discovery.  Under Creative Management, the tip of innovation has squarely arrived on Continuous Discovery. Click slide to see in context of slide deck
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