Which is better Product Execution or Project Execution? Product Execution                 – Versus? –                 Project Execution. The Temptation is to make this left verses right comparison; but, that is a false equivalency.  Both are needed:
Use Product Execution  to create new Industry Changing Products and Services
Use Project Execution to deliver and replicate that change across your customer base – of course, in some cases you can automate portions of this task
Use Product Execution for discovery, addressing constraints, and creating new products and services
Use Project Execution for delivery and scaling of known, proven solutions
Whereas you can use the Blue Team to automate the work of the Red Team, remember to use Strong Attractors; However, you cannot use a Red Team to drive the Blue Team’s work effectively; but, you can leverage the Red Team to help Socialize Change which is another form of communicating Strong Attractors. Click slide to see in context of slide deck
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